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my dreams are wierder. Infact, they're too wierd to animate. But your dream here was cool.

dreams...can't get enough of them.


Big fan of Kingdom Hearts(both of them)...

...but this was funny as hell and I have to say, everything in it was true. Very good stuff, thanks for the laughs. Oh and where did you get the Disney text?

RogerregoRRoger responds:

not sure what site i got the disney font, try google for it

disney font or something


loved it, this made me laugh in a different way than any other animation on newgrounds, but I don't mean harder or softer. It was really funny. Although the animation wasn't the best, the comedy made up for it. Keep it up, nice work.

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Loved the game, keep it up.


Great game I love it. I found a glitch where when your in the air u can keep switching from shootin normal and shooting downwards to go as high in the air as possible or stay in the air for as long as you like.

Great game though :)

Keep on keepin on

Good job!!!

I loved it! The controls are good, the graphics are good, all of it is good! Also the music collaborate good with the graphics. Wonderful song you picked though, DAFT PUNK ROCK!

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I miss the Sega Genesis

this brings back memories dude, wonderful job, I loved it very much

tedJohnston responds:

Thanks for the review! I created this piece when I had nostalgia for the old Sega days. I'm glad to know the feeling carried over into the song as well as I had hoped. I miss Sega Genesis too. :) Thanks again.

I like it

I think you should finish it :)

mariomusicmaker1 responds:

Almost done :o come chek out the new version. juts gotta master it al then im realy done! thanks for hte review!


the feelin i get when i listen to this is, it reminds me of when i was younger and how curious i was all the time, wondering about everything. This makes me think of curious, dont know why. But this song is rly good. I like all your work, keep going with it.

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